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Sliding Glass Door Repair Miami FLAt GDR of Miami, we understand that life happens, and when the unfortunate occurs, your sliding glass door can be one of the victims. If you live in the Miami-Dade area, there are a wide variety of life events that can cause you to need an expert at sliding glass door repair. Consult our glass door professionals when your:

  • Glass is broken due to an accident like a neighbor’s child’s baseball coming through your sliding door.
  • Glass is broken as the result of vandalism.
  • Current glass on your sliding door is beginning to look scratched up and damaged.
  • Double-pane glass is starting to fog up on your sliding door. This means that there is a leak in the seal that can cause your air conditioner to work harder and cause you more expense in the long run.
  • Sliding door won’t slide properly due to broken wheels or damaged tracks.

We have emergency glass repair, 24/7 service so that you aren’t left exposed to either the elements or unscrupulous individuals.

Why You Should Call Us For Your Sliding Glass Door Repair Service Needs:Sliding Glass Door

  • We have emergency, 24/7 service so that you aren’t left exposed to either the elements or unscrupulous individuals.
  • We have a large inventory of glass types so that you can easily replace or upgrade your sliding glass door. Our inventory includes:

Glass Inserts: These are the glass inserts that appear in many doors here in Florida. If you have a sliding door, which has been damaged and has a smaller glass insert that is surrounded by either wood or another building material, then we can repair and/or replace it. Remember, we have a large inventory, so we’ll definitely have your inserts in-stock.

Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is a type of glass that will stay in relatively stable shape, even when it’s been shattered. With that being said, having a broken sliding glass door with laminated glass is still not very safe. We have the inventory and capability to restore laminated sliding glass doors so that you can return to normalcy with your safety glass intact.

Tempered Glass:
Tempered glass is another type of safety glass that’s designed to take a lot of damage before splintering. That being said, this pressurized glass can be broken, which can happen as a result of a determined thief or can even occur by accident. Fortunately, we have tempered glass replacement windows so that you can quickly have your pressurized glass back in place before long.

High Impact Glass: Many Miami homeowners consider this type of glass to be burglar-proof, but this glass can be splintered by flying objects and home invaders. When these types of sliding glass windows are cracked, it leaves a telltale spider-web pattern. If the unfortunate does occur, we can easily replace this glass within a 24 hour period.A Repair of a Sliding Glass Door in Miami, Florida

Insulated Glass: Insulated glass is a multi-layered glass type that uses either a vacuum or a gas-filled space between the layers to ensure reduced heat transfer. This means that Floridians who want to have a cooler indoor environment can have this material may see a reduction in their utility bills. We have this type of glass in stock and also provide a special warranty on its installation.  It can also be called high impact glass.

Wired Glass: This glass serves as a fire retardant and also has a shatter-proof construction that prevents high temperatures from causing the glass to explode. It is primarily used in businesses and schools. If you have a sliding door that’s made of this material, we will be happy to replace it if it becomes damaged.

  • The state of Florida has several building code requirements that pertain specifically to glass doors. We know these requirements and can ensure you that any work that we do on your sliding glass door will be up to code and will meet the FBC’s guidelines.
  • We can repair any type of glass sliding door, even older models that other glass repair specialists don’t have the materials to repair.

It’s important to note that we provide repairs, not just replacements for your glass sliding doors. If you need sliding glass door repair for French doors, interior doors, or patio doors, then we’re here to help.
Additionally, we also provide comprehensive warranties for both high impact and insulated glass so that you can have peace of mind if the unfortunate happens. Remember, the laminate on high impact glass has a tendency to deteriorate over time, which is why our warranty will provide solutions for up to five years. In the case of insulated glass, you’ll find that we also cover these for ten full years.

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