Parkland, Florida, is a small town with a population not much exceeding 30,000, and by and large it consists of people who are by any standards considered well off. The median income for a family is now over $300,000 and the median house value is over $1,000,000.

One of the reasons that we love it is because for many years the residents wished to keep its’ park-like character, and until the 1990’s there were no stores and not even any traffic lights! Indeed, the city’s motto is “Environmentally Proud”. However, that has changed in recent years with the development of large neighborhoods such as Parkland Isles and Heron Bay.

One of the highlights of Parkland is the bi-weekly Farmers Market which is held from November through April. It is sponsored by Mercantil Bank and operates in Ranch Road. Here you can buy fresh organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, pastries, and breads. In addition, they sell gourmet foods including jams, sauces, honey, cheese, pickles, dips, and fresh pasta. The market is dog friendly, so you can take Rover along with you and buy him a treat or two from the pet vendors. On some of the dates they also have an additional craft fair together with cooking demonstrations.

Yes, Parkland is one of our favorite small towns and we are proud to offer glass repair of all types to residents and businesses including Parkland, FL, sliding glass door repair. Certainly, our name is Glass Door Repair because it is something that we get asked to do all the time.

Not Just Sliding Glass Door Repair; Everything Commercial and Residential When It Comes to Glass Repair

However, we don’t just limit ourselves to Parkland, FL, glass door repair. We repair all types of residential and commercial windows from the smallest window in the bathroom to the largest window in your showroom. Broken windows need immediate attention. They look terrible and they are potentially dangerous. Not only that, a broken window can lead to your furniture and carpets being ruined if a storm comes in off the Atlantic (or from any other direction, for that matter) and they are also an open invitation to any passing thief: he doesn’t have to break and enter because the breaking part has already been done. All he has to do is enter. (For an informative FAQ on Hurricane Preparedness in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, and all of South Florida, visit

Once inside he can ransack your home and belongings faster than you would imagine possible. The AVERAGE time a thief spends in a property is just eight minutes. During those eight minutes – or less – he can steal possessions which are irreplaceable. That is why we offer an emergency glass repair services in Parkland, Florida – our consultants are on call day and night.

So for all Parkland, FL, glass door repair, window repair, commercial glass repair, temporary board up, and more, call Glass Door Repair.

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