Residential Glass Repair

In the Miami area, adverse weather is often the cause of glass and window damage. When this happens, it can be very stressful, which is why at GDR of Miami, we specialize in quickly repairing your damaged glass so that life can quickly return to normal. Additionally, we also specialize in the professional installation of glass windows and sliding glass doors. We can do either on your existing property or complete a full installation on a newer home that’s being built. We’re the #1 residential glass repair company in Miami for one reason: customer service.

residential glass repair miami

Glass Window Repair
Our bread and butter! We specialize in repairing damaged windows in homes in the Miami area and are widely considered the local leader in the field. It’s imperative that a glass repair company have a large repertoire of skills when it comes to helping you manage your windows, so we keep a thorough inventory, stay current on new materials, and are as responsive as is humanly possible. If life has happened and your windows have become damaged, we have specialists who are highly trained to help you resolve this issue quickly.

MIami Home Window Repair

Window Replacement
There are many reasons why our customers seek out window replacement; sometimes people want a more modern-looking window setup for their home and sometimes it can actually be to save some money.

One of the best techniques for reducing your energy bill is to fully replace your current windows with units that are insulated so that there is less overall heat transfer. This type of year-round temperature control starts at the level of your windows and it can make a significant impact on your utility bill. At GDR of Miami, we are experts at replacing windows, so give us a call for a consultation.

Sliding Glass Door Glass Replacement

Sliding Glass Door Glass Replacement
Mishaps can happen with your doors as easily as they can happen with your windows. From time to time, the untoward happens and a baseball goes slightly off course or you become the victim of vandalism. When this happens, we use our residential glass repair skill set to quickly and efficiently repair your sliding glass door.

Additionally, we have just about every type of glass imaginable for the job. Have a french sliding patio door? We can replace those. If your sliding glass door is made of safety glass, we can replace it with relative ease as well. Remember, we’re available for emergencies 24/7, so if your sliding glass door is damaged, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re Miami’s favorite glass repair shop… for a reason. Customer service.

Repair for Sliding Glass Doors

Repair for Sliding Glass Doors (Track and Wheels)
Sometimes, the problem with a sliding glass door isn’t based on the glass itself. Is your glass sliding door not rolling correctly? We can fix it so that your doors open and shut smoothly, and can replace the door components that are damaged beyond repair. Rollers on a glass sliding door can definitely fail from time to time, and our specialists can easily remove your patio door so that they can be repaired in most situations

Hurricane Glass Replacement

Emergency Glass Repair & Hurricane Glass Replacement
The leading cause of home damage in Florida, especially in the southern area of the state, is hurricanes and the wicked winds that they kick up. Even the strongest safety glass can be cracked and splintered by flying debris during a typical Floridian hurricane or storm. This situation is something that can happen any day in our state, so rest assured that we have the facilities to quickly and efficiently replace any glass that’s been damaged during the wet season

Hurricane Glass Miami

Hurricane Glass Window Installation
Preparing your home for the annual hurricanes in our area is very important. When you know that your home is protected, you can dedicate more time focusing on other pursuits like personal storm readiness. Hurricane glass (or high impact glass as it is often called) is a form of impact-resistant glass that is designed to resist high-velocity objects. As a matter of fact, even when hurricane glass is cracked, it tends to splinter rather than send shards of glass in every direction, which makes this material the go-to glass for families. Just as we are professionals in other forms of glass installation, our consultants also can install hurricane glass in your home so that you can have extra peace of mind


What Makes Us Miami’s Leader in Home Glass Repair

 We simply take extra steps that help our customers get the speedy and efficient service that they need. First, we for emergency situations, we guarantee a half-hour response time. This way, if your windows are exposing you to hazards, we can be there to help handle it.

 Secondly, we also utilize same-day glass replacement, so that you aren’t left vulnerable in your time of need. Our specialists are available 24/7 so that you can get back to your day-to-day. For Miami residents, we also offer a ten percent off deal for any glass repair job.

 Finally, since the stormy season is on its way, we also offer 24-hour board up service so that we can protect your windows from any coming hurricanes that are hitting the area.

We manufacture our own line of high impact glass for a faster turn around time.


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