A large part of the area that is today Kendall was purchased in 1883 from the State of Florida by the Florida Land and Mortgage Company. The city was named for Henry Kendall who was a director of the company and moved into the area in the early 1900’s in order to take charge of the company’s operations here.

The land was not open to homesteading, and for that reason development was slow. A post office opened in 1914 and the first school didn’t open until 1929. As the land boom ended in 1926, some residents left, although there were two Seminole camps in the area which remained until the 1940’s. Latterly, the population has grown at a faster rate, with a figure of 35,497 in 1970 to an estimated population of around 90,000 today.

Where Does Kendall Begin And End? And Does it Matter for Glass Repair?

But where does Kendall begin and end? The US Census Bureau has defined the boundaries, but many residents have their own ideas. Some believe that Kendall should include Sunset, Olympia Heights, West Kendall, Glenvar Heights, Tamiami, and Westwood Lakes, while others think that the area of The Falls should not be included.

However, you will be glad to know that at Glass Door Repair we do not discriminate. Whether you are in what the US Census Bureau defines as Kendall, or in one of the outlying areas, we will provide Kendall, Florida, glass door repair to all. That’s both for residential properties and businesses. As far as we are concerned, a sliding glass door is a sliding glass door and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a small one that leads on to your patio or a very large one which is the entrance to your office building for hundreds of people every day. When it goes wrong, you simply want Kendall glass door repair, and you want it now.

A Thing Of Beauty When It Is Working: Your Sliding Glass Door (Repaired)

A sliding glass door is a thing of beauty when it is working perfectly, but when it goes wrong it can be infuriating. All sorts of things can get into the tracks and the runners and rollers, such as mud tramped in from the yard, leaves in the fall, hairs from the dog and cat, bird feathers, you name it. On their own, they may not cause a problem, but the trouble is that over time they build up and then the door will stick, jam, judder, and generally behave like a spoilt child.

This is the time when you need Kendall sliding glass door repair in order to get it moving again, and that’s exactly where we can help you. We are experts in getting sliding doors repaired, and we’ll have it up and running again in no time, sliding back and forth at the touch of a finger, and whisper quiet. Peace reigns once more!

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