Glass Window Repair

Glass Window Repair of MiamiThis type of window repair is our primary focus and you can expect a professional level of work from Glass Window Repair of Miami. We cater to the entire Miami-Dade community and also service Broward County as well. There are a wide variety of reasons why people in our area need our services, but the chief reasons for window repair in the Miami region are:

  • Vandalism: Sometimes, kids will be kids, but sometimes rebellious teenage behavior can really cost you as a homeowner. Our professionals understand that these types of events are stressful, which is why we’ll personally walk you through the repair process and complete the work within the same day.
  • Accidents: These things do happen; sometimes you’ll be carrying a large planter for your azaleas and slip and stumble. Next thing you know, you’ve lost your grip on the planter and it knocks out a pane on your window. At GDR of Miami, we’re used to these little mishaps and go out of our way to make it better for you; we even guarantee a half an hour response time.
  • Criminal Activity: While crime is on the decline, there are still people out there who are either opportunistic or simply unscrupulous. These ne’er do wells can bust your sliding glass door, crack open your window for easy access, or simply cut the glass so that they can open your door. When you’ve gone through this, the last thing you want is a hassle, which is why our specialists are trained to help you shore up your house so that you can regain some normalcy.

glass repairWhen any of these events happen, we understand that you’re stressed, but rest assured, with GDR of Miami, you’re in good hands. There are very few glass repair companies in our area that specialize in most types of glass repair (except auto glass repair), and there are almost none that offer 24/7 support for those experiencing the glass repair emergencies that we’ve listed above.

Simply put, we know exactly what you need when it comes to glass repair. We love glass! In our lovely southern part of the state, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches, which are made from the same stuff as our glass components: silicon! We love it, and this dedication to glass is the reason why we’re the market leader for glass repair in the Miami-Dade area.



  • glass repair professionalsResidential glass repair: Homeowners in the Miami-Dade region are well supported by the glass repair professionals here at GDR of Miami. If you need this type of work done, simply give us a call, and we can be at your home within 30 minutes if it’s an emergency. Our services in this regard will cover dented panels, chipped glass, or even the full replacement of the damaged window itself. Additionally, we offer ten percent off to our Miami customers.
  • Commercial glass repair: GDR of Miami is one of the leaders in glass repairs for businesses in the Miami region. With customers coming in and out of your business, mishaps can happen. A damaged glass door or window can adversely affect the attractiveness of your business, which is why we can get your broken glass issue resolved quickly so that your business is minimally impacted.
  • Repairs for sliding glass doors: Believe it or not, this is one of our most common service calls in the Miami area. Sliding glass doors are convenient and are perfect for the Floridian weather. Also, these home features are becoming more popular due to their seals, which can reduce your utility bills. Unfortunately, the sand that makes Miami so popular also can really clog the works of a traditional sliding door, which is where our excellent sliding door repair work comes in.
  • Sliding glass door replacement: When it’s not the gears and the rollers that are malfunctioning, it’s usually the glass door that has been damaged. Some sliding doors have inserts, while some are entirely comprised of glass. In any situation, our professionals know exactly what to do in order to replace or repair your broken sliding glass door; we’ll even explain the pluses and minuses of each choice so that you can estimate the advantages of replacing or repairing your door.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make our customers happy. We provide fast repairs; as a matter of fact, we have trucks already in your neighborhood so that when a problem arises, we can help take care of you within the hour. Call us now at (786) 220-3933 for a free estimate.

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