Glass Door Repair (GDR), Brickell’s top sliding glass door repair professionals, are proud to announce a website reboot for Summer 2017. New pages supporting the Miami neighborhood of Brickell offer clean and fresh content modernized to support the Florida urban community’s specific glass door repair and replacement needs.

“Although summer is normally about relaxing, we decided to work through it and renovate the website to better serve the Brickell community as one of Miami’s premier neighborhoods,” explained Yaniet Santos, General Manager of GDR. “Glass repair emergencies in urban neighborhoods can be different from suburban areas. We wanted to address the specific problems of glass repair when people live and work several stories up.”

Miami residents, including locals in the urban neighborhood of Brickell, can review a sample page of the newly rebooted Glass Door Repair website at Fresh content including helpful details concerning sliding glass door repair, residential glass repair and commercial glass repair can be perused. For more information about Glass Door Repair and emergency glass services please visit the entirely new website at

Living High in the Sky and Sliding Glass Door Repair in Brickell, Florida

Here is background information on this news. Sliding glass door repair issues in urban areas may be different from suburban neighborhoods in the greater Florida region. Summer may appear to be the time to take it easy and enjoy a bit of down time, but not all Floridian’s may be relaxing. As Miami vacationers soak up the Florida sunshine, residents in nearby urban neighborhoods could be viewing the beach activity from a high rise. Brickell, a neighborhood in Miami, for example, has been home to one of the largest Financial Districts in the world. The area has also been experiencing growth in the residential sector. Miami locals could be living and working in the same spot. As more Miami residents move into the urban neighborhood, glass repair needs might increase with the new population. Brickell residents may be living several stories from street-level and can experience glass repair emergencies different from suburban households.

For these reasons, Glass Door Repair (GDR), leaders in sliding glass door repair for Miami have announced a reboot of the website. As the live and work lifestyle has grown, urban neighborhoods such as Brickell, Florida have had an increase in residential properties. High rise condominiums and office buildings may experience unique sliding glass door repair issues. Hurricane-force winds and wayward seabirds can both be common issues for Miami residents living and working several stories above ground. To service these needs, Glass Door Repair has modernized the website to provide content and support for urban neighborhoods such as Brickell, Florida. More information is available on the newly updated website.

About Glass Door Repair (GDR)

Glass Door Repair (GDR) is a family owned and operated glass repair business with more than 20 years of experience. Professional technicians and the large variety of inventory make GDR the top glass repair service in the area. If customers are looking for Miami sliding glass door repair as well as emergency glass repair for urban neighborhoods such as Brickell, Florida please reach out to the company for a free estimate. If customers need a 24/7 Sliding Glass Door repair service in Miami or West Palm Beach technicians are standing by. The company specializes in sliding glass door repair and window glass repair; technicians will handle any glass replacement situation efficiently. Home or business glass repair is the company’s main priority.

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