It’s a fact of life that glass breaks. Even toughened glass can break under extreme conditions such as a direct hit from a hurricane, and the hurricane season is upon us. This reminds us of Murphy’s first and second laws.

Murphy’s first law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy’s second law states that when things have gone wrong, whatever steps you take in order to try to correct them will only succeed in making matters worse!

This is why, when it comes to North Miami sliding glass door repair you should never, under any circumstances, try to fix it yourself.

We have seen the results, on several occasions. The sliding glass door to the patio starts to stick and won’t open or close properly, so dad decides that, come Saturday, he’ll fix it. Sure enough, he’s up bright and early and he manages to get the door off its’ runners and lean it up against the fence in the yard. It’s usually about three in the afternoon when we get the emergency call for North Miami sliding glass door repair.

Tearing His Hair Out: Waiting for a North Miami Glass Repair Technician

Half an hour later our technician arrives to find dad tearing his hair out sitting surrounded by rollers, locks, and all sorts of bits and pieces that he will never be able to put back together in a month of Sundays. Not only that, but the weather looks as though it is about to take a turn for the worse and all he has got where the sliding glass door should be is a great big hole in the wall.

Take a note: North Miami sliding glass door repair is a job for an expert technician who knows what he is doing, has years of experience, and also has access to a huge stock of spares for all makes of sliding glass door. At Glass Door Repair that is exactly what we have. (If you think about it, the clue is in our name).

Fortunately, in the above scenario, our technician is able to save the day, replace the worn parts, and put everything back into place before the storm hits.

However, despite our name, we don’t only repair glass doors. We can repair or replace all types of windows whenever they get broken – even at two in the morning, since our technicians are on call day and night. In fact, the only things we don’t repair are the glass in your iPhone and auto glass. Both of those are different specialties, and it’s a fact that when we get a broken windshield in one of our trucks we take it to the auto glass boys because they have the expertise and we don’t. Equally, if they get a broken window or glass door they call us, because that’s our specialty.

So next time you need sliding glass door repair in North Miami, or glass window repair, remember the lesson and call in the experts.

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