There are several things about the city of Doral that even many of the residents are unaware.

In the late 1950’s Alfred and Doris Kaskel bought 2,400 acres of swampland for $49,000 with the intention of constructing a golf course and hotel. That works out at just over $20 an acre! We wonder what would be the value of an acre of Doral today.

In case you haven’t already spotted it, the city got its’ name from Doris and Alfred, and the Doral Country Club opened for business in 1962 in Western Dade County with the red, blue, and par-3 golf courses, together with a hotel on Miami Beach. The Doral Hotel and Country Club was the very first building in Doral, and guests were transported from the beach to the club to spend a day out on the links.

Twenty years later, the grandson of the founders, Bill, developed Doral Estates, and also created Doral Park in a joint venture with Lennar Corporation. Housing was created and was initially mainly investment property or second homes, but younger families began to move in, even though there were no shops or schools. By 1990 the population was 3,126 and by 1995 the residents were lobbying for incorporation. However, the city was not incorporated until June 24th 2003 by which time the population had grown to around 24,000. Today, the population is estimated at just short of 60,000, so there has been massive growth in recent years.

Over 10,000 Businesses in Doral, Florida, Many Needing Glass Repair

By 2005, Doral had over 10,000 businesses, many of them concerned with import and export since the city lies only a mile from Miami International Airport. Top employers include Carnival Corporation, Marriott International, Univision, Supreme International, and Amadeus North America.

As a business, we are proud to have grown up with Doral and to be able to offer Doral sliding glass door repair to both residents and commercial operations. As the city has expanded, we have been instrumental in the construction and maintenance of sliding sliding glass doors in many commercial buildings in the city, and are pleased to be able to service residents’ doors if they should develop a fault. Sliding glass doors do suffer from problems from time to time, as dirt can get into the tracks and cause them to stick. This is why we offer a 24 hour Doral sliding glass door repair service since, if you operate a business, it is vital that customers and visitors can have constant access to your building.

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