NOTE: This blog post was written before Hurricane Irma hit Florida.

As we write this it seems that Hurricane Irma is heading directly at Doral. (Editor’s note: fortunately the hurricane missed a direct hit against Doral, Florida). In Doral it may be that we could get lucky and it just skirts the edge of the area, but we are not counting on that. Here at Doral Glass Repair we are rushed off our feet trying to get to as many customers as we possibly can for board up Doral, but unfortunately we won’t be able to get to everyone before Irma hits, if indeed it does.

Avoiding a Hurricane in Doral, Florida

Looking at the latest forecast a few minutes ago it seems just possible that the hurricane might skirt to the west of us and we only get caught on the fringe. Even so, if we escape the worst of it, there will still be damage with surges a distinct possibility. The reality, therefore, is that before the hurricane hits, every able-bodied man, woman and even teenager may need to help with the board up efforts. After the Hurricane, or during “normal” times, of course, we can return as your preferred board up service for the city.

Naturally we are all praying that Irma misses Doral, Florida, and indeed all of Florida, and slows down considerably wherever it goes, but at the moment that does not look likely. We have not had a hurricane like this in the lifetime of most of us, and what’s worse is that Hurricane Jose is following fairly closely behind Irma and as we write is described as almost Category 5. It’s hurricane season, and everyone who lives in a town like Doral needs to be aware of the hurricanes and what can be done, not just board up but all services.

It certainly does look as if we are in for a rough few days in Doral, but rest assured that at WPB Glass Repair we will do everything that we possibly can to ensure the safety of everyone and keep damage to a minimum.

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