Commercial Glass Repair


commercial glass repair in Miami, Florida.The types of glass window repair that are needed in the commercial world can be quite different than in the residential sector. When a glass front is damaged or boarded up, it not only makes your business look less attractive to prospective customers, but it also exposes your business to shoplifting or general thievery.

With this in mind, GDR of Miami understands just how important it is for a business owner in the Miami-Dade area to get the assistance he or she needs in order to repair or replace any glass features of their business. This understanding is why we have glass specialists available 24 hours a day and seven days a week so that you have options whenever a broken glass situation occurs. In fact, we guarantee that we’ll have someone at your business within an hour who will complete the work on the same day.

Our Areas of Commercial Glass Repair Expertise

We are glass specialists, which means that we can cover the majority of glass mishaps that occur at your business, except for auto glass and Smartphone glass issues. Remember, we have a half an hour response time and we even provide 24-hour board up services when there is a storm coming in. Also, Miami residents who visit this site can receive a ten percent discount on their glass replacement or repair, just mention that you saw this message.

emergency commercial glass repairOur policy of commercial care means that we take care of our professional clients. You’ll receive priority after-hours response times, skilled specialists who know how to properly engage in storefront glass repair and the repair of commercial windows. We also have a wide variety of glass materials in stock so that we can replace or upgrade your existing glass with relative ease. Our materials include:

  • Glass Inserts: Not all businesses have all-glass doors or storefronts. Some have wooden or aluminum frames that have glass inserts. At GDR of Miami, we have custom glass inserts in-stock so that we can quickly replace your damaged glass.
  • Safety Glass: Generally speaking, safety glass primarily covers both tempered and laminated glass. The chief difference between the two is that laminated is held together by an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral, and tempered glass is pressurized through a thermal tempering process so that it’s stronger than standard glass. Both options are great for protecting a business, and we have both types of safety glass in stock for your business.
  • Wired Glass: Wired glass is typically found in schools and is a type of glass that incorporates fine wire into its construction. In the unfortunate event of a fire, wire glass won’t shatter due to high levels of heat, which makes this one of our most fire-safe options.
  • Insulated Glass: Glass naturally loses heat via conduction, air seepage, and convection. Fortunately, we have insulated glass on-hand, which loses less heat due to a layered construction that prevents heat loss. If your business is experiencing larger than normal utility bills, then this type of glass is more energy-efficient. We’re Miami’s high impact glass experts as well!

24 hour emergency glass repairSince businesses differ significantly from residences, our commercial expertise covers:

  • High Impact Glass Installation: Many of our customers decide that they’d like to upgrade or have high impact glass installed in their businesses. Rather than shatter, when high impact glass is struck with significant force, it splinters, which is safer than sending shards flying everywhere. While this type of glass has special requirements, as glass experts we know what each installation requires so that your storefront can be adequately protected.
  • Storefront Door Glass Replacement: Sometimes business owners want to simply upgrade their existing glass storefronts. At GDR, we don’t just perform glass repair for your business, we also perform replacements and installations as well. Give us a call so that we can discuss your replacement options.
  • The Replacement of High Impact Glass: At GDR of Miami, we have many commercial customers in the Miami and Broward County area who require high-impact glass replacements. This glass isn’t impenetrable, so when it’s needed, we can help replace this material so that your business can remain attractive and secure.
  • Storefront Glass: Similarly to our glass door replacement services, our storefront window glass replacement services are available for commercial clients who simply want to upgrade their existing setups or for those who need replacements due to accidents or due to having been vandalized.
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