“Brickell is the city’s financial center, where glittering business towers and luxury condos tower over Biscayne Bay. Rooftop bars and surf ‘n’ turf grills cater to the banking and business crowd, while the art galleries and fashionable boutiques in the Brickell City Centre attract chic locals. The Brickell Avenue Bridge spans the Miami River and has views of the waterfront Miami Circle Park and archaeological site.”

This is how the city describes Brickell and it seems a fair assessment. However, while it might appear that it is only a business district, it does refer to “chic locals” since there are a lot of residential properties in Brickell also. Many residents live in condominiums (just as an aside, should that be condominia?) and other types of high rises, and they are often responsible for sliding glass door repair and window repairs in their units. Guess what? We can help with your Brickell residential glass repair needs.

Sliding Glass Doors Have A Lot Of Moving Parts; We Repair Them All

Our specialty is glass door repair, since there are so many sliding glass doors in Miami, and they do have a tendency to go wrong over a period of time. This is because sliding glass doors have a lot of different moving parts, and – as with anything that contains moving parts – they wear down over time. When that happens the door will start to stick and jam and generally become an almighty nuisance. Every time you want to go out into the yard or onto the balcony with a tray of drinks to sit in the sun you have to put the tray down, put your shoulder to the door to open it, pick up the tray, put it down on the table, then turn back to the door and endeavor to persuade it to close again.

It’s true! Many people put up with this for months, and sometimes years, mainly, we think, because they believe that a Brickell residential glass repair is going to cost an arm and a leg and take about a week. That’s not true. Our technicians are experts at repairing sliding glass doors, and you would be surprised at how reasonable our rates are.

Although our name is Glass Door Repair we also repair and replace windows of all types and we stock a wide range of glass of many types. We also stock all the typically required hardware for doors and windows – hinges, stays, handles, locks, etc. –  which enables us to provide Brickell residential glass repair to doors and windows in one visit in the majority of cases.

So don’t put up with that sticking sliding glass door for a second longer. Give us a call and we’ll have it gliding back and forward again –  whisper quiet – before you know it!

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