Much of Brickell (in Miami) consists of sleek business high rises – full of banks, insurance companies, financial traders, and other institutions. However, in recent years there has been an explosion in the number of high rise condos: the residential population of Brickell almost doubled between 2000 and 2017 from 28,000 people to just short of 57,000. This has meant a great increase in the amount of Brickell Florida residential glass repair that we get called upon to undertake.

As far as we are concerned, this is fine. We are just as happy repairing the sliding glass door on your condo as we are fixing the entrance doors to your bank: the only difference, really, is just the size of the doors! The sliding glass doors on your condo may be only seven or eight feet high, while those of your bank may be double that – because the builders wanted to create an impression of size and, by extension, wealth. Both those doors do exactly the same job, and we are not aware of any people 15 or 16 feet tall who would have trouble getting into their bank if the doors were smaller!

We Work With Many Brickell Condo Associations on Glass Repair

The principles of Brickell Florida residential glass repair are exactly the same as commercial glass repair, and as we said, we do both. In fact, we work with many condo associations as their PREFERRED glass repair partner, and we would be happy to do the same for you. If you are a member of a condo association, or perhaps on the board of directors, then reach out to us for a meeting because we can help! Although our name is Glass Door Repair we actually repair all types of glass in any type of building – windows, doors, roof lights, you name it. What we don’t do is autoglass repair, as that is a different specialty: neither do we fix the glass on your daughter’s iPhone 7 that she’s just dropped on the floor. But anything that is part of a building, including all Brickell Florida residential glass repair – that’s us.

We are also on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Brickell glass repair. It doesn’t matter whether you have a problem at eight in the morning or eight at night, or any other time, we want you to know that we are always here for you. We also carry a huge inventory of different types of glass, along with door and window hardware which means that on most occasions we are able to complete your repair on the first visit, without having to order in any parts as other companies do.

With Glass Door Repair you get exactly the same sort of service which we would expect ourselves. We provide nothing less than the best, which is what our customers deserve. Call us today for a free estimate on glass repair!

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