Many people are unaware that Brickell was founded by William and Mary Brickell in 1871. They moved from Cleveland, Ohio, and set up a trading post and post office, and they acquired large stretches of land from Coconut Grove to the Miami River. Their neighbor, Julia Tuttle, was also from Cleveland and it was she who is believed to have persuaded Henry M. Flagler to extend his railway into the area.

The Florida East Coast Railway brought development and was the beginning of the building of Miami. When William Brickell died in January 1908, his widow continued development and saw the beginnings of Millionaire’s Row in the early 20th century. She it was for whom Mary Brickell Village was named, and which is one of our favorite places for shopping with its high-class retail outlets, boutiques, and restaurants.

Greater Downtown, Miami, today has over 200,000 office workers – many of them in the financial sector – and it has become one of the fastest growing residential areas in Miami booming from 40,000 residents in 2000 to over 80,000 by 2010. In addition to being a major financial center, Brickell is also home to the majority of the state’s foreign consulates including the consulates of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, amongst others.

A Vast Increase In The Number Of Buildings (and Need for Sliding Glass Door Repair)

Of course, all of this rapid development has seen a vast increase in the number of buildings in Brickell – very many of them boasting glass doors of all types and sizes, which is where our interests lie as the major local company for Brickell glass door repair.

Glass has an unfortunate habit of being subject to breaking, and when it does it needs to be repaired or replaced fast. Apart from the obvious inconvenience of having to close an office building or a store, there is also considerable danger to individuals from shards of broken glass on the floor or sidewalk, and always the possibility that someone might try to gain access and hurt themselves in the process. That’s why we offer Brickell glass door repair 24/7/365.

We are always on call for any sort of glass emergency in Brickell, and our expert technicians are just waiting for your call. We aim to resolve all Brickell glass door repair issues, whether in commercial or public buildings or in private residences, as fast as humanly possible. Quite simply, broken glass is dangerous, so when you need help with damaged doors you need to know that you can get it instantly.

It is worthwhile putting our emergency number in the directory of your mobile, so that if the worst happens you won’t have to start searching on Google. It’s (786) 220-3933 and our operators are standing by at all times. Do it now, while you think about it. You might never need it, but then again, you could need it tomorrow.

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