As we have so very recently seen, hurricanes are totally unpredictable, and do not necessarily focus on places or communities that are most resistant. Puerto Rico is a case in point, since it was battered twice in succession. Similarly, a prestigious neighborhood in Miami such as Brickell is not necessarily more immune to hurricane damage than more rural areas. If you own a business in the Brickell district, reach out to us now and get your business on to our Preferred Customers list for Brickell board-up services.

Being on our Preferred Customers list means exactly what it says. We will send one of our technicians out to your premises and he will measure up all your glass doors and windows. This information is then entered into our database and what it means is two things. First, when a hurricane is heading our way the next time around, your Brickell board-up services requirements are at the top of the list. Second, and we consider this is equally important, we have all your measurements to hand so we know the exact quantity and sizes of materials to bring. There is no running back and forwards to find another piece of board as we will have it all with us. So your business is boarded up and secure when others may not be.

This Amazing Service Is FREE to Qualified Customers for Board Up

Did we mention this? Our Preferred Customers list service is totally free! It doesn’t cost you a cent! Sure, we may not get another one like Irma or Maria for another ten years, or even twenty. Then again, who’s to say that it could not happen again next year? Or even next week? That is the problem with hurricanes – as we said, they are unpredictable. What perhaps IS predictable is that at some point in the future it will happen again because it is a force of nature, and we cannot control nature.

We only offer this unbeatable service to Brickell businesses, because we simply cannot provide it to every homeowner in Miami, and there is also quite obviously a limit as to how many businesses we can accommodate. While we are specialists in sliding glass doors, we also carry out all types of window repairs as well, and all your windows are included for your Brickell board-up services needs. No matter the size of your premises, everything is included and entered into our database.

In order to take advantage of this unique offer, call us now or send us an email!

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